Reliacon Sdn Bhd
25-01, Jalan Bayu Puteri 1/3,
Taman Bayu Puteri,
80150 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
12-1, Jalan KL 3/13,
Taman Kota Laksamana Sek 3,
75200 Melaka,

Completed projects in Penang

This project consisted three storey of basement, a 8 storey shopping podium and a 20 storey corporate office tower. Due to the great thickness of marine clay subsoil, new installed piles will not have sufficient skin friction until the completion of dissipation of the excessive pore water pressure. To save construction cost, 9m dolly were used on 450mm square RC piles to jack the piles to the intended depth.

Architectural impression of the building

Part view of the completed building.

Three slanting steel columns at the atrium. These three slanting steel column support three floors from side, two floors and one roof on top.

35 and 36 storey super condominium. Winner of FIABCI property award of the High Rise Category The original structure was RC shear walls on transfer beams. RELIACON further optimized and completed the project.

Completed view.

There were 3 blocks of medium cost apartment and one block of low cost apartment. The structures were originally desiged as beams with long columns design which eliminate the need of transfer beam. RELIACON worked together with contractor to convert the structure using RC shear wall on transfer beams system. Great saving of construction cost was achieved. This project proved that a properly design RC shear wall system, even if a transfer beam is needed, is more cost efficient than the use of long columns. Main reason is that the long column steel content is much higher than RC shear wall. The additional cost of the steel content in long column is more than the saving by eliminating the transfer beams. Block D is a 26 storey low cost apartment, as the walkway is external and only one side loaded, i.e. with apartment units on one side only, the building is very slander. However, due to proper architectural layout of the building help a lot on the efficiency of structure, the maximum RC shear wall thickness was only 150mm.

Nearly completed view of the medium cost apartment blocks, the low cost Block D at the back.

Side view of the 26 storey low cost apartment.